ActionItems Pro 2.6

Create and organize notes, turn notes into assignable action items.
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ActionItems Pro turns notes into actionable items that can be sent and received across your local network. Assign items to people and projects, establish due dates, and track for progress and completion. Primary features include the Journal, a digital notebook where notes and ideas are captured in outline form. Items can be assigned to people and projects set up inside the Directory, after first being sent to a Pending area for review. Once assigned, they form people and project-specific Outlines that can be edited and amended. Click on Upcoming to track items by person, project, due date and priority. Send and receive action items over the local network via the ActionItems' Inbox, which utilizes Apple's Bonjour technology. Many other unique features make ActionItems the indispensable manager's tool. For all of the outlining and action item tracking without the bells and whistles, try ActionItems Lite. Perfect for students and single-users.



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