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Synchronizes local contents with those you store on your MEGA cloud account.
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MEGASync is intended to synchronize data on your computer with your MEGA cloud storage account. The application has an unobtrusive interface that can be accessed from the menu bar. This way, you can manage file transfers quite easily. Logically, using the tool requires connecting to a MEGA account, which you can create directly from the application. Likewise, you should pick a local folder to synchronize.

From MEGASync’s preferences, you can set some parameters and features. For instance, you can configure a proxy server if it is necessary. Similarly, you can control how much of your bandwidth is used by the application. In addition, it is possible to toggle notifications on and off, set MEGASync to start automatically with the system, change the interface language and manage the folders to synchronize. Moreover, it lets you manage version control.

Yet, not all the advantages are derived from the client because it is the online services behind it that make it a great option. In this respect, it is good to know that MEGA is a cloud-based service intended for storing your files and making them accessible from everywhere. Thus, it is commonly used for sharing data with other users. Fortunately, the service is characterized by its security. In this regard, it is remarkable that it supports end-to-end data encryption as well as, highly private, zero-knowledge services. Fortunately, MEGA provides a generous amount of storage space for free. Moreover, you can always upgrade your free account to other plans, including Personal, Pro and Business.

However, MEGA is not exempt from flaws. In this regard, it lags behind other similar services in terms of collaboration as it lacks editing features and integration with other tools. It is also a shame that its transfer speeds are not always fast. In this respect, it would be good if it supported block-level sync, which minimizes the amount of data to transfer by syncing only the modified sections of the files.

All in all, although MEGA can be accessed via the web, having a dedicated client certainly facilitates synchronizing local and cloud contents. Thus, if MEGA is one of your preferred cloud storage services, MEGASync is very recommended, even more so since it is available at no extra charge.

Pedro Castro
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  • Unobtrusive app
  • Allows using a proxy
  • Lets you manage bandwidth use
  • End-to-end encryption


  • No block-level sync supported
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