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A Logo interpreter; Logo is a programming language used in creating graphics.
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ACSLogo is a Logo interpreter, while Logo is a computer programming language designed for educational purposes. A mechanical turtle is an on-screen cursor that can be given drawing instructions and movement commands so that graphics are obtained.
Complex graphics can be drawn, such as repetitive tiling-type patterns, Peano curves, fractals and space-filling fractals and recursively drawn images. Basically, a turtle's movement will be programmed, turtle which will draw lines as it moves, resulting in complex patterns. The utility consists of two windows, respectively the edit window, for command input, and the graphics screen, where the command results can be viewed. Exports can be made to PNG, TXT, SVG, EPS, PNG, ACSD. Logo can be used to teach simple programming, maths and computer science concepts, through observation of the guided progress of the turtle, as it is an educational language. The "help" menu provides good information related to implementing the Logo language.
ACSLogo is a Logo interpreter designed for Mac OS X and it can be used for creating complex patterns and graphics by use of programming commands.

Margie Smeer
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  • Complex patterns can be obtained by use of commands specific to the Logo language
  • It can be used for teaching computer science concepts and mathematics


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