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Accesses and manages SVN repositories on a Mac.
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Browse & manage your working copies and spot changes in the files contained in SVN repositories of your Mac by opening them in the repository inspection suite with access to logs, revision history, checkout, importing, copying, deleting and switching features.

SvnX is a free GUI Subversion client for Mac OS X.It helps you browse & manage your working copies, spot changes, and operate on them. It also lets you browse logs and revisions of your repositories.
- Repository Inspector - Browse logs, revisions & directories; svn log, list, diff, checkout, export, import, switch, copy, mkdir, delete and blame support; Drag & drop to & from a repository browser and the Finder; Drag to a working copy (merge or switch); Open any revision of any item; Integrated support for 9 diff applications; Disk cache for impressive speed.
- Working Copy Inspector - Flat view/hierarchical view; Item sorting/filtering/searching; Operate svn actions on selected items; svn move/copy via drag & drop; svn rename, info, add, remove, revert, resolved, cleanup, lock & unlock; svn update - to HEAD or any items to any revision; svn diff - any items against their base or previous revisions; svn log - view an item's log and diff any 2 revisions; automatic & fast refresh preferences;
- Save your working copies and repositories in a panel.
- Activity window.
- Review and Commit window - Review highlighted changes while editing your commit message; Mark which files you want to commit; View & reuse recent messages; Create powerful custom template messages.


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