Barbie Seahorse Adventures

Barbie Seahorse Adventures 1.0

Barbie Seahorse Adventures is a platform game very similar to Mario Bros.
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Barbie Seahorse Adventures is a very simple platform game very similar to the old Mario Bros. In this game you will explore different worlds as a seahorse who wants to go to the moon. The worlds are infested with multiple enemies who are animals like flying fish, toads, etc. They are all very fast, so you must kill them using your weapon before they kill you.

When you start the game, you will be given three lives and when you lose one, you have to start that level from scratch. The worlds are full of platforms and precipices, as well as doors that lead to bonuses or secret places. As you play, you can collect fruits that will give you points and there are also coins. The game includes three different jungles to explore, but there's only one difficulty level. You cannot save your progress and there are no checkpoints, which is really a shame. The graphics is really poor, sounds are simple, and the music is very annoying.

In short, I wouldn't suggest you try Barbie Seahorse Adventures because it looks really old and offers very limited options and there are hundreds of better platform games out there.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Three worlds to explore
  • Free


  • Poor graphics
  • Only one difficulty level
  • Annoying music
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