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Updated 4 years ago
ClamXav - This app helps you remove malicious threats from your Mac.
VLC media player
VLC media player - Watch your favorite movies and listen to your music from one app.
iPhoto - Note: This is no longer an actively developed application.
Removed 4 years ago
DVD Player
DVD Player - Enjoy a front-row seat for everything from the latest action thriller.
Updated 4 years ago
iBooks - Amazing way to download and read books.
Migration Assistant
Migration Assistant - Simplifies the process of moving your information to another Mac.
Keychain Access
Keychain Access - Securely store all your passwords for websites and applications in a keychain.
Removed 4 years ago
DigitalColor Meter
DigitalColor Meter - DigitalColor Meter shows you the colour value of any pixel on the screen.
Updated 4 years ago
ColorSync Utility
ColorSync Utility - ColorSync is the built-in colour management system in OS X.
AirPort Utility
AirPort Utility - Note: Most recent release available only within OS X 10.11 El Capitan update.
TextEdit - Easy-to-use word processor built into OS X.
Removed 4 years ago
Image Capture
Image Capture - Image Capture transfers images between a digital camera / scanner and your Mac.