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Removed 6 years ago
zoiper - ZoIPer (formerly known as Idefisk) is a SIP and IAX/IAX2 software phone...
Yandex - Quick and secure browser for computers, Android, and iOS.
Snapselect - Snapselect saves you time and helps to manage photos in the new smart way.
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Updated 6 years ago
Removed 6 years ago
XtraFinder - XtraFinder add tabs and extra features to Finder: Tabs (experimental) - Dual Panel...
NetSpot Wi-Fi Reporter
NetSpot Wi-Fi Reporter - NetSpot WiFi Reporter builds powerful advanced wireless heatmaps.
Updated 6 years ago
Wireshark - Network protocol analysis app: deep inspection, live capture & more.
Removed 6 years ago
ShowIP - ShowIP will refresh IP-Addresses automatically, if online-state changes.
Network Inventory Advisor
Network Inventory Advisor - Natively scan Mac networks & get instant reports with Network Inventory Advisor.
NetSpot: WiFi survey & wireless scanner
NetSpot: WiFi survey & wireless scanner - Collect, visualize and analyze Wi-Fi data using any MacBook.
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Updated 6 years ago
PDF Expert
PDF Expert - Read, insert annotations, and merge multiple PDF documents into one.
Removed 6 years ago
Pocket - Store news articles, videos, and images in one place.
OS X Server
OS X Server - Designed for OS X and iOS devices, OS X Server makes it easy to share files, schedule meetings...
Installed 6 years ago
VoiceOver Utility
VoiceOver Utility - VoiceOver describes aloud what appears on your computer screen.
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