Skim by the Skim Team

Skim by the Skim Team 1.5

Skim helps you edit and add notes to your PDF files.

Skim is a useful piece of software that helps you improve the quality of your presentation files by giving you access to a large number of editing tools; by using this efficient application, you will also be able to make all sorts of annotations with important ideas and corrections.

Once you launch the program, you will notice its simple and straightforward interface that can be easily managed by any user. You can customize its appearance by customizing the toolbar, changing the display mode (adjusting the thumbnail size, font size, background color, etc.), as well as configuring the note's options according to your needs (color, font, lines and borders).

This application comes in handy whenever you need to take notes on a PDF file, include new ideas, make corrections, etc.; on its toolbar you will find all the tools you need to make any type of annotations, from text and anchored notes to new boxes and lines.

An advantage of using this program is the fact that it gives you access to a built-in search engine to help you locate any word or phrase within your presentations.

All in all, Skim proves to be a reliable solution when it comes to editing and adding notes to your PDF files with just a few clicks.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Many annotations types
  • Access to a wide range of editing tools
  • Built-in search engine


  • None
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