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MuteMyMic provides you with an easy way to control Input Volume from the status bar or via keyboard shortcuts.
Keyboard shortcuts:
- (F5) - decrease volume
- (F6) - increase volume
- (option+F5) - mute/unmute
- (option+F6)- maximize volume Application works in a background and allows you to control the Input Volume with a single key or mouse click while at the same time you can enjoy your favorite applications that require your mic. Now, you can adjust volume of your Internet phone calls right from the keyboard shortcuts. Since version 1.7 MuteMyMic is integrated with Growl, it will notify you each time input volume was changed by other applications.
There is a new feature - "force mute". Whenever MuteMyMic determines that microphone was unmuted it will mute it again (this feature can be enabled/disable via Preferences panel).

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