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Komplete Kontrol
Komplete Kontrol - This application browse and load all KOMPLETE Instrument presets.
twitch - Meet Twitch. Open files, applications, web sites, and more at the touch of a key.
Removed Last year
Traktor - Pro platform that top DJs trust, and Traktor Pro 2 with Remix Deck technology is the most advanced version of Traktor ever.
Installed Last year
Whatsapp - Send messages, have group chats, and share pictures using the Whatsapp services.
Google Earth Pro
Google Earth Pro - Google Earth Pro gives advanced business tools in addition to all the easy-to-use features and imagery of Google Earth.
Removed Last year
Google Earth
Google Earth - Google Earth gives you a wealth of imagery and geographic information.
Updated Last year
DVD Player
DVD Player - Enjoy a front-row seat for everything from the latest action thriller.
Dashboard - Full-screen app that’s home to widgets: mini-applications that let you perform common tasks and provide you with fast access to information.
calibre - Read, edit, and convert your e-books directly from your Mac.