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Google Earth Pro gives advanced business tools in addition to all the easy-to-use features and imagery of Google Earth.
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Google Earth Pro is a well-known application for exploring the Earth, beginning from outer space and zooming in to small objects like cars. In order to properly use the application, the users are required to have an active Internet connection. Users are offered a list of the details they want to see, and are allowed to choose between borders, photos of various places, three-dimensional buildings, terrain, global awareness, weather and other. The application can be set up to show details in 16 or 32 bit, depending on the user's preferences. Also, it comes with a powerful search function, which can help Mac users to quickly find one specific place or town just by typing in the name. One important aspect of this feature-rich application is that it provides access to NASA's maps for the Moon and planet Mars; the users can see details from the planets, as well as the landing places for the shuttles that explored them. Also, the users can input various places that they want search near a town or village and the tool will automatically find any related results and show all of them in a general way (ex: pizza near NYC).

Briefly, it is safe to say that Google Earth Pro is a complete tool for exploring the Earth, as it provides detailed information about a large number of world places.

Dave Hattey
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