Periscope 2.0

Share the contents of the screen of your Mac device.

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Create a shared transmission to display the contents of your screen. Enable users from the same local network to access and view the content in your system, issue family-level permissions, automatically find users for sharing, block external access attempts, etc.

Periscope is a screen sharing platform. Periscope allows users to easily share their screen with co-workers, colleagues, family members, or anyone connected to the same network. Every Mac running Periscope will automatically find other users on the network; displaying the computer name in the computers list. Users can request to show their screen to another user, or request to view another users screen. Eliminating the need to find an IP address and use a password. This allows more control for the users to share their screen without losing control of their Machine. Once you have selected a Mac share or view with, they are sent an request where they simply accept or deny viewing the users screen. You can show them a funny video, picture, script errors, etc. Great for when you are on the phone and need a simple technical solution.
* Share screen with others on your network
* Find each Mac automatically
* Show each Mac by computer name
* Ask user before viewing/showing
* Ability to resize screen view
* Fullscreen support
* Print current screen
* Copy current screen
* Mac OS X 10.7+

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