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Installed 5 years ago
Keychain Access
Keychain Access - Securely store all your passwords for websites and applications in a keychain.
Grapher - Graph equations and data sets, and visualise the results on your Mac.
Grab - Take a picture of all or part of your computer screen.
Removed 5 years ago
RAID Utility
RAID Utility - With RAID Utility, you can set up and monitor RAID volumes using a Mac Pro RAID Card or Xserve RAID Card and disks in your computer.
Podcast Capture
Podcast Capture - A podcast starts with the Podcast Capture application in Mac OS X.
Updated 5 years ago
Migration Assistant
Migration Assistant - Simplifies the process of moving your information to another Mac.
Activity Monitor
Activity Monitor - Displays information about all the processes running on your Mac.
Time Machine
Time Machine - Works with an external hard drive to automatically back up your entire Mac.
Removed 5 years ago
iChat - iChat is a multi-protocols instant message client.
iCal - iCal - share your events with your friends and see your friend's calendars.
Updated 5 years ago
Font Book
Font Book - Manage your fonts quickly and easily with the Font Book application in OS X.
FaceTime - FaceTime for Mac makes it easy to talk, smile and laugh with friends and family on their iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod touch or Mac.
DVD Player
DVD Player - Enjoy a front-row seat for everything from the latest action thriller.
Removed 5 years ago
Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader - View & print PDF files.
Updated 5 years ago
Dash (Docs & Snippets)
Dash (Docs & Snippets) - Dash is an API Documentation Browser and Code Snippet Manager.