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iBooks Author 2.6

Create, export, and share your own textbooks on your Mac.
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iBooks Author is a utility designed by the Apple company that provides you almost any feature you could possibly need when creating a book on your Mac. The program is packed with a wide variety of project templates, brings you a nicely-designed and intuitive interface, and is available in various languages.

You can use this tool when creating textbooks, cooking books, bibliographies, and many others. The offered project templates are numerous, high-quality, and created for almost any type of book you could think of.

Another great advantage is the fact that the program gives you access to a wide range of book editing options. You can import various types of files into your project, insert tables or charts, rearrange the included elements however you like, and so much more. Once you finish editing your project, you can preview it and then export or publish your book from the tool's interface.

The only thing that bothers me is that iBooks Author supports a limited amount of output formats.

Other than that, nothing bad can be said about this utility. It provides you with many useful advantages, works perfectly, and comes without a price.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Localized in multiple languages
  • Brings you multiple project templates
  • You can publish your work directly from the program's interface
  • Provides you with multiple editing options


  • Supports a small amount of output formats
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