Window Tidy
Light Pillar Software Ltd
Window Tidy lets you take control of all your applications. How many times have you had to keep switching...
...Arrange your application windows using nothing but ...and appearance of Window Tidy are highly...
Window Magnet
Window Magnet is a very useful window management utility...
...conclusion, Windows Magnet is a window management tool ...resizing and moving windows should really...
Popup Window
Popup Window is a folder system designed to keep your files tidy and orderly. Stick your folders...
Popup Window is a folder system designed ...and together with Popup Window. What's new in this...
Clone Window
Clone Window allows users to quickly open a new Finder window, which will display...
...activating a new duplicate window, a keyboard shortcut actually ...would; Clone Window at this time...
Better Window Manager
Aaron Smith
Better Window Manager allows you to put windows where you want, save their positions...
...: - Save window sizes and position ...Application specific window states. - Global window states...
Window Magician
Koingo Software Inc.
Window Magician helps streamline your user experience and optimize your workflow by automatically...
...and repositioning windows. Create "Window Watchers" to ...default new document window location. Move...
Window Focus
Window Focus highlights the current working window and dims all the others in the background...
...important. Having one window highlighted minimizes the ...by other unnecessary windows, so you can...
Finder Window Manager
JNSoftware LLC.
Finder Window Manager is an application for managing all of your Mac OS X Finder window needs...
...of your open windows. Once a Window Set has been ...restore the captured Window Set properties, opening...
My Window
Raj Kumar Shaw
Actively display animated weather on top of your own images. Personalize your...
...your weather with My Window. Simply take a picture ...looking out of your window and the animation of...
Window Adjustment
MKOUS, inc.
Window Adjustment is a simple window management for OS X. Features...
Window Adjustment is a simple window management for OS X. Features: ...
Window Collage
Window Collage can split the screen into your favorite layout, placing several windows in the best way to fit your...
...for all commands, Window Collage can quickly ...or maximize your windows with customizable shortcuts...
Window Tiles
Mach Software Design
How many times have you manually resized your windows to maximize your productivity...
...more with Window Tiles. Window Tiles quickly resize ...open application's windows to accomodate the...
Current Directory Window for Terminal
Writes for All Inc.
Current Directory Window for Terminal allows you to open a new Terminal...
...open a new Terminal window from Finder with the ...open a new Terminal window with the current directory...
Picture Window
Clozure Associates
Picture Window creates slideshows in resizable windows that can be placed in floating...
...be placed in floating windows anywhere on your ...automatically when Picture Window is restarted.
Update Finder Front Window
Mats Weber SoftWorks
This little AppleScript program tells the Finder to update its front-most window. It is very useful when you work...
...update its front-most window. It is very useful ...'s what Update Finder Front Window is for: it tells...