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Clone Window 1.3

Clone Window creates a Finder copy of your current window.
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Clone Window allows users to quickly open a new Finder window, which will display the same folder as the initial window. This comes in handy when you want to copy data from directories that share a similar hierarchical path. The utility can be easily activated or deactivated by clicking on the icon placed in the Finder toolbar.

By pressing the Clone Window icon in a Finder session, a duplicate window of the first one will be generated with a focus on the new Finder. I found that the application integrates quite nicely with the Finder tool and by pressing the Customize Toolbar button you can actually place Clone Window anywhere in the toolbar.

The application is fairly lightweight and leaves a very low memory and CPU footprint but considering its single functionality, I believe that this tool is suited only for users who work with a large number of files and folders. Clicking the toolbar icon may not be the fastest way of activating a new duplicate window, a keyboard shortcut actually would; Clone Window at this time includes no hotkey activation or any other customization for that matter.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Instantly opens cloned window
  • Useful for copy / move transfers
  • A choice of two icons for Finder's Toolbar


  • No keyboard shortcuts
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