Magic Window - Timelapse Desktop

Magic Window - Timelapse Desktop 2.2

Magic Window shows complete time lapse sunrises and sunsets as your wallpaper.

Magic Window is a great application that lets you give your desktop an extra touch of life. It is basically a wallpaper changer, but instead of putting random images on your desktop as wallpaper, it actually uses time-lapse videos. These are often taken as a series of photos captured during a full day or several hours and then played back so that it seems like it is a video. The application actually plays those time lapses very slowly on your background, and it is hard to even realize that the image moves in its default speed setting, but this can be changed from the menubar options.

There is a scene browser that lets you choose the wallpaper that you want to use. They are all very high quality and they look great. I particularly liked the ones that depict a sunset or sundown. There is one of the city of Tokyo, in which you can see all the buildings lit up when the sun comes down.

Magic Window can also use the scenes as a screensaver, which is very practical. This option can be turned on from the Preferences window.

In conclusion, this great app has a lot of high quality scenes that will most definitely catch the attention of anyone looking at your desktop. I didn't think the app slowed down my Mac in any way, which is always a plus.

José Fernández
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  • Very beautiful scenes
  • It can be used as a screensaver as well
  • Handy options on the menubar


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