View File Owner

File Spy
Chatsworth and Whitton Ltd.
File Spy is a handy application that works as a file viewer and file info inspector...
...can view the content of various types of files ...icon views of any file. The wide range of file...
Hex Viewer Pro
CokeSoft Inc.
Hex Viewer Pro is a tool that helps you view any type of file’s hex content and hash values...
...you view any type of file’s hex ...file: file owner, group...
Open Any File
Rocky Sand Studio Ltd.
Even though its name might suggest one thing, the program doesn't actually open any files. Instead...
...about the loaded file, such as checksum ...HEX dump (raw file content), owner's name, size...
File Info Explorer
TheBraveSoft Media
File Info Explorer is an application that helps you explore file attributes, calculate file hash value...
...The file attributes refer to creation time, modification time, owner...
File Details
Tunabelly Software
File Details is the one app you need for modifying files - whether it's changing...
...Size, Group and Owner. Copy or save ...in File Details" service shortcut. Supports viewing details of...
Document View Free
Document View Free is designed to help you find advanced information about files and folders...
Document View Free ...information about files and folder ...modified, the file owner, the file size, as...
File Info Pro
Mihaela Popescu
This application helps you view and investigate any type of file. File Info Pro gives you...
...view and investigate any type of file. File ...information about any file: file...
File View Pro
Nikolai Alekseyeva
With File View Pro you can investigate any file to view the following information: Basic file information such as...
...as: file size, file type, file created, file modified, file last accessed...
Smart File Examiner Pro
Security Focus Europe
Smart File Examiner Pro allows you to open (in advanced hex mode) and investigate any type of file. Main features...
...Basic file information (name, type, permissions, owner, group ...size). - Hex file header. - Various...
View File
View File provides a simple drag and drop method for viewing additional info about any file. Simply drop any file...
...File creation date File modifiction date File last access date File size File's...
Document View
Document View allows you to view any info of your document in hex or text. Main features...
Document View allows you to view any info of ...it allows you view unlimited files. - Document Info...
File Viewer Pro
Canyua Software Co., Ltd.
File Viewer Pro allows you to view any file info and edit the file in hex or text. You can drag and drop any files...
...allows you to view any file info and edit ...more info about any file: file owner, group, creation date...
File View Plus
Fututime Inc.
File View Plus allows you to view any info of your document in hex or text. It gives you access...
...file: file owner, group, creation date, last modification date, file size, file kind...
Apple DOS File System
Mount ProDOS, DOS 3.3, Pascal, CP/M for drag and drop exchange with the Finder Mount non...
...double click to view file. Support any disk ...A$/"Load Address") Undelete files, Map disks, Optimize...

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