Search Entries

Web Search
Hoang Minh Thanh
Web Search is a handy application that allows you to search faster on Google...
...that allows you to search faster on Google ...designed exclusively for this search engine. It is very...
Coding Robots
The easiest way to keep a journal or diary on your Mac. Saving your memories and returning...
...✔ Browse or quickly search entries. Browse using calendar ...use instant search to find entries you...
IOJones allows you to take a snapshot of your Mac's hardware, examine it for live...
...of all tables. - Better searching of entries. - Supports live updating.
Tagaini Jisho
Alexandre Courbot
Tagaini Jisho is a free, open-source Japanese dictionary and kanji lookup tool...
...allows you to quickly search for entries and mark those ...also let you train entries you are studying...
Boolean Search
By Limit Point Software
Boolean Search is an integrated web server and search engine. Although out of the box it provides a default...
...more targeted searching. - Standard server realms support. - Search directory administration...
Better Search
FOR neXtSoft
Better Search... Beginning with Mac OS X 10.4, Spotlight took away the ability to search deeply in your hard drive...
...multiple searches at the same time, search in packages, search visible...
Smart Search
Samuel Stallin Kapembe
Smart Search enables you to search faster and more intelligently. This is achieved by searching multiple...
...achieved by searching multiple search engines simultaneously. The search results are...
Easy Search
Sharcky Mac Inn
Easy Search is a lightweight software program designed to help you search and launch...
...to help you search and launch application ...supports direct URL entries. With this program...
Leo Dictionary
Maximilian Antoni
Leo Dictionary is a dashboard widget that translates English to German, Frensh to German, Spanish to German...
...flags. Remembers your last search entries.
Adam Hartford
Yirrell is a simple journaling/note-taking app. Jot down your thoughts and ideas...
...written, or search entries for keywords.Feature ...- Supports multiple entry selection.- Automatic...
Photo Search
IDimager Systems, Inc.
Photo Search provides you with search capabilities covering all your image metadata...
...image metadata. This includes searching on file name ...The intuitive text search box allows you to...
Briefe... Most of us use a word processor for writing letters or the homework and in most cases...
...Drag & Drop - Search Entries or Addresses - Address Book ...Custom Icons for Entries - Layout Modu ...
Ixquick HTTPS Search for Safari
Surfboard Holding
Ixquick protects your privacy. Ixquick does NOT collect or share any personal information. Nada. Zilch...
...search results. When you search with Ixquick search engine, you are searching...