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The easiest way to keep a journal or diary on your Mac.
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The easiest way to keep a journal or diary on your Mac. Saving your memories and returning to them has never been so enjoyable before.
✔ Simple and beautiful.
Our goals: no useless features and an easy-to-use, gorgeous interface. Begin writing your journal right away instead of searching help files.
✔ Secure journals.
Your personal diary is safe from prying eyes — just set a password for your journal, and Mémoires will encrypt it.
✔ Forever yours.
Industry standard SQLite database-driven file format means that there is no vendor lock-in. Plus you can export your journals to RTF, plain text, or PDF.
✔ Browse or quickly search entries.
Browse using calendar or view all entries in one list. You can also use instant search to find entries you want to read or edit.
✔ Spelling and grammar.
Spot and fix spelling and grammar mistakes on the fly or use automatic correction. Smart quote and dash substitutions will make your entries beautiful.
✔ Quick drawings.
Just like in a paper journal, the new Quick Drawing feature allows you to draw sketches, doodles, or anything you like right inside Mémoires.
✔ Full screen editing.
Now you can focus on writing your journal entries without distractions, because Mémoires comes with full screen editing.
✔ Autosave.
Mémoires automatically saves your journals every 5 minutes and before closing, so you won’t lose a bit. The program is fully compatible with Time Machine for seamless backups.
✔ Diary printing.
You can print a single entry, entries for a specified period or the whole journal. The program automatically inserts dates and titles where needed.

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