Read Phonograms

Read Later
free rating
Michael Schneider
Read Later is an application that provides you with access to Pocket and Instapaper accounts without using a web browser...
...was formerly known as Read It Later. With thi ...to take place. Briefly, Read Later is an application...
Read CHM
RootRise Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
CHM files are frequently used for application documentations and feature a table of contents...
...Technologies developed the "Read CHM" program. After ...As a conclusion, Read CHM is a simple...
Quiet Read
free rating
Quiet Read allows you to save links to read them later. Unlike many other services that let you read news and articles...
...articles for offline reading. Quiet Read runs on the MenuBar...
Phonogram Sounds
free rating
All About Learning Press, Inc.
Phonogram Sounds is a program designed for Mac users who start learning the basics of English...
...the correct pronunciation of phonograms which are individual letters...
Read&Write 5 GOLD For Mac
Texthelp Ltd
Read&Write is a tool that helps you with reading, writing, studying and research. Read&Write GOLD: - Improves Reading...
...and research. Read&Write GOLD: - Improves Reading Fluency and Comprehension...
Read&Write 3 GOLD For Mac
Texthelp Systems Ltd
Read&Write GOLD For Mac is designed to provide literacy support for Apple MAC Users of all ages and abilities who need help...
...need help with their reading and writing. The software ...Word 2008 and Safari. Read&Write GOLD FOR MAC...
Read One
free rating
Read One
Read One is an application that helps you create a scalable read list...
...you create a scalable read list of interesting ...articles you want to read, check your progress...
Read My Language
Innovative Apps Pvt Ltd.
Learn English easily, the more you read, the quicker you learn. You can read a newspaper in a different Script...
...you learn. You can read a newspaper in a ...by those who can't read English. Government & Corporate...
Read CHM+
RootRise Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Read CHM+ allows you to read CHM and export CHM files into professional quality PDF...
...and intuitive tab view reading. - Sidebar to ...viewing page. - Maintains reading history. Go to Home...
Learn to Read Hebrew
Davka Corporation
Teach yourself to read Hebrew with Learn to Read Hebrew app. Learn to Read Hebrew teaches...
...all aspects of Hebrew reading, from pronunciation of individual...
Speed Read
free rating
Academ Media Labs, LLC
Speed Read provides you with a speed reading technique aimed to improve your...
...improve your ability to read quickly. The method ...the lines you are reading. Whether you consider...
Read Naturally Client
Read Naturally, Inc.
Read Naturally Software Edition (SE) develops fluency, supports vocabulary...
...research-based Read Naturally strategy ...step (Read Along), a repeated reading step (Practice...
RSS Read Pro
XiaoChun Liu
RSS Read Pro is a news reader for your Mac. With this application, you can read and search...
RSS Read Pro is a ...application, you can read and search your new ...offers a handy offline reading mode.
Speed Your Read
rating Karen and Kris Stark
Speed Your Read is a revolutionary speed reading software program that will teach you...
...Your Read is a revolutionary speed reading software program ...The average reader reads between 200 and...


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