Program Feed

Fresh Feed Pro
Coco Beans
Fresh Feed Pro lightweight news notifier. Select some of your favorites website...
information arrives, Fresh Feed Pro...support for Atom feeds
Paper Feed Adjuster
free rating
This utility contains updated media tables and allows paper feed and MicroWeave adjustments...
tables and allows paper feed and MicroWeave adjustments...of the Paper Feed Adjuster
Feed Notifier
Michael Fogleman
Real-time monitoring of RSS and Atom feeds on your Mac. Feed Notifier checks your...
traditional RSS reader. With Feed Notifier, you can...for each feed * Import feeds
Feed Me PencilBot Preschool Learning Center
free rating
Edutainment Resources, Inc.
Feed Me PencilBot Preschool Learning Center is a lovely application for kids that will help...
Feed Me PencilBot Preschool Learning...concepts in a fun way, Feed Me PencilBot Preschool Learning
Feed Me! (Hawaiian) – PencilBot Preschool & Kam...
free rating
Edutainment Resources, Inc.
Feed Me! (Hawaiian) is a nice application designed to help kids learn Hawaiian. With the help of a purple...
pronounce them. The program includes...very limited. In short, Feed Me!
Sports Feed
free rating
SportsFeed LLC
Sports Feed gives you access to personalized live scores. The tool lets you follow all the game action...
Sports Feed gives you access...to download the Sports Feed widget to see scores
Unity Server
free rating
Audivero LLC.
Unity Server is a next generation network-based full-duplex intercom system...
with a built-in, sample program feed, but can be upgraded
Feed Compass
free rating
Vincode, Inc
Feed Compass is a macOS application that makes it easier to find and subscribe to RSS Feeds in your...
subscribe to RSS Feeds...supported including Feedbin, Feedly, Newsblur
Feed the Hound
free rating
Navigation-Info Kft.
Feed the Hound is a funny game in which you have to bring the bone through a tricky house to feed your lazy dog...
Feed...through a tricky house to feed your lazy dog
Feed Curator
free rating
Vincode, Inc
Feed Curator is an OPML feed editing and publishing platform that offers an ease way to maintain OPML...
OPML listings of blog feeds. It is a companion app...to Feed Compass. You can use Feed Curator
Safari Feed to OPML
free rating
Thomas Tempelmann
Safari Feed to OPML is a simple free tool to convert a set of Safari's RSS Feed bookmarks into a OPML...
a set of Safari's RSS Feed bookmarks into a OPML...be imported by other feed readers such
One Objective Feed
Robin Enhorn
One Objective Feed is a light-weight RSS reader, my first Objective-C application in fact...
One Objective Feed is a light-weight...the windows. One Objective Feed renders simple
Feed Rango
free rating
Nuclear Bits
Feed Rango is a browser extension that improves the UI for Feed Wrangler...
Feed Rango is a browser extension...improves the UI for Feed Wrangler -- David Smith's amazing
Feed Reader
Feed Reader is a popular RSS reader for Mac, with an easy-to-use interface that makes it a snap...
latest news and information. Feed Reader is a app...your favourite RSS News Feeds in one place
RSS Feed Reader
RSS Feed Reader is an application that allows you to read RSS or Atom news feeds on your Mac OS X computer...
from all subscribed feeds and storing...and organize related feeds together into groups
There are a lot of RSS readers for Mac OS X out there, and Apple even added RSS capabilities directly to Safari in Tiger...
Feed is designed to work like a mail program...are displayed directly in Feed Requirements PPC, Mac
NZB Feed Leecher
free rating
TechSono Engineering, Inc.
NZB Feed Leecher is a program designed to automate your NZB downloading chores. This app can handle NZB...
NZB Feed Leecher is a program designed
Fresh Feed
free rating Bloop SRL
Fresh Feed is a simple and effective feed aggregator, you can choose a list of your favorite feeds and check them easily...
a list of your favorite feeds and check...through the smart Fresh Feed interface
Subscribe to Feed
free rating Red Sweater Software
My beta-quality, more-or-less unsupported Subscribe to Feed extension adds a handy button to the toolbar...
unsupported Subscribe to Feed extension...from http:// to feed:// for faster