Feed Notifier

Feed Notifier 1.2

Monitors RSS and Atom feeds from the desktop.
Access and check selected RSS and Atom feeds by selecting preferred or all supported sections and viewing the news items filtered automatically by the application. Pop-up notifications are displayed whenever a new item appears in one of the created feeds.

Real-time monitoring of RSS and Atom feeds on your Mac.
Feed Notifier checks your favorite feeds as often as you specify and notifies you whenever new items appear in those feeds. It's a great tool for being notified of the latest news instantly, as soon as it is available.
Feed Notifier aims to do one thing and do it well. This is not your traditional RSS reader.
With Feed Notifier, you can...
* Track any number of RSS and Atom feeds
* Specify the polling frequency for each feed
* Import feeds from other readers
* Configure notification popup contents
* Configure if and when sounds are played
* Pause and resume updates
* Force the app to check all feeds from the menu
* Launch items in your browser by clicking on notifications
* Automatically run the app at login

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