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Free Feed Me! (Hawaiian) is a nice application designed to help kids learn Hawaiian.
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Feed Me! (Hawaiian) is a nice application designed to help kids learn Hawaiian. With the help of a purple monster, kids will learn words related to colors, time, math, shapes, weight, positions, sorting and counting. The monster will present a problem or show something in a bubble dialogue and the kid must select the correct answer from the three provided and feed that to the monster by dragging it to the monster. If the answer is correct, the monster will jump in joy, but if it isn't, it will make a disgusting face. In any case, the kids may continue to the next problem.

The instructions will be spoken in Hawaiian and you can click on any of the answers to hear how to pronounce them. The program includes two levels to choose from, and of course, the second level is more difficult. The application features very bright colors and cute cartoons. Sadly, there's no music and the sounds are very limited.

In short, Feed Me! (Hawaiian) is a nice educational application to help kids learn Hawaiian in a fun and interactive way.

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  • Lovely graphics and cartoons
  • Two levels
  • Nice way of teaching kids a new language
  • Multiple content divided by categories


  • No music
  • Limited sounds
  • Instructions are provided only in Hawaiian



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