Modify File Time

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Infinit Team
Infinit is an application that allows you to share files and folders of any size across the Web. This helpful program comes...
...an unlimited period of time. Furthermore, the ...download the shared files using the download...
iOrgsoft Video Editor
iOrgSoft Video Editor is a comprehensive application that helps you edit media files. In addition, the program works...
...images or video files that you previously ...done automatically at specific time intervals. This way...
Batch Open Page
free rating
Batch Open Page is a program that provides you with a quick and simple way to open multiple URLs...
...browser, at the same time. The application bring ...methods: load a TXT file that contains the URLs...
Send Anywhere
free rating
Estmob, Inc.
Send Anywhere is a utility designed to help you share data from your computer. You can use this program to send files...
...a short period of time ( 48 hours maximum) ...reliable solution for sharing files and folders from...
Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper
Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper is a DVD/Blu-Ray ripper for the Mac. The app lets you copy your DVD or BR movies to your...
...seemed smooth in my time with this app ...chose a subtitle file. The resulting file looked great and...
free rating
Stick Software, Ben Haller
Jiggler is a simple Menu Bar utility that helps you prevent your Mac from going to sleep mode or showing your screensaver...
...download of a big file. In the Preferences panel ...upon the interval of time between the "jiggles"...
einstein's legacy
Splice is a video tool that enables you to merge a collection of movie files into a single movie file...
...movie files into a single movie file. Splice ...has been modified to provide ...has a time range slider...


free rating
Fulvio Senore
VVV, which stands for Virtual Volumes View, is intended to catalog the files you...
...It supports cataloguing different file types, and in ...though the necessary time logically depends on...
HDR Darkroom Pro
Chengdu Everimaging Science and Technology Co., Ltd
levels!☆☆&Description Award-winning HDR Software for photography enthusiasts of all skill levels!☆☆&...
...market with real time processing as standard ...application. - Camera Raw File Converter: HDR Darkroom...
Disk Manager Lite - Browse disks offline
free rating
*** Lite version supports only two disks, if you have more disks, please try the FULL...
...package file and bundle file contain many sub-files ...these package files will take a lot of time. Q2...
uFlysoft Data Recovery
uFlysoft Studio
uFlysoft Data Recovery is a commercial data recovery app. It can be used to recover files that you...
...scan at any time and recover files that were found ...results window shows the files that were found...
Super Get Info
Bare Bones Software
Note: While Super Get Info has been discontinued, it is still available to download for users that already hold a license...
...info window at a time - View and edit ...associated with a file or folder - Change a file or folder's...
free rating
Thomas Robisson
TextBatchConv is intended to convert text files to another encoding...
...of files and thus save some time, there ...with file batches, as the original files get modified. In...
free rating
Music Racer is an experimental game which creates a custom track based on your song...
...customizations, and your audio file of choice, an ...permitted. At the same time, using the same...
Encrypt This
free rating
Nathan Sheldon
This program is an AppleScript that can encrypt files or folders. The app uses the encryption engine on your Mac to encrypt...
...by encrypting two different files and a folder in ...'t been updated for some time, so I would rule...
Kickoff - Chat and Tasks for Teams
Michaël Villar
Kickoff is a real-time chat and task sharing tool designed for small teams. And with its offline...
Kickoff is a real-time chat and task sharing ...or multiple coworkers • Attach files and comments to any...
Introversion software
Dragster is an efficient utility that provides you with a simple...
...application for the first time, a welcome window ...needs by customizing the file's destination list (...
cf/x savescreenie
free rating
By BlueFanGames
cf/x savescreenie is a free utility to alter the way how and where your Mac saves Screen Captures. The application...
...saves screenshots, and select file name base (depending on ...number or a date and time stamp in OSX 10...


SpeedBit Ltd.
DAP is a popular Windows download manager that has made the switch to the Mac system. The application aims to bring...
...add multiple files on the download ...transfers at a specific time (scheduler). Latest download...
free rating
Michael Klingbeil
SPEAR is an application for audio analysis, editing and synthesis.
...sinusoidal wave with time varying frequency and ...time. SPEAR also supports a variety of standard file...


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