Batch File Date Changer

Batch File Date Changer 1.2

Change the created/modified date time of photos, files, and folders.
1.2 (See all)

Batch File Date Changer is a tool to change the created/modified date time of files and folders. The pictures taken with modern digital cameras usually store additional information about the time when they were taken, the location, the camera settings, and so on. Modifying this data is quite tedious and difficult when done manually, without using specialized tools. Batch File Date Changer is one of these specialized tools that make editing images or files created/modified date a simple task.

Batch File Date Changer enables you to change the date and time attributes stored within your digital photos. It allows you to batch-modify multiple photos from entire folders, at the same time, in one single simple step. Therefore, changing the date for huge collections of pictures can take only a few seconds. It is a simple-to-use tool that offers a really fast solution for editing the date and time of photos or files.

Though really easy-to-use and neat, it comes with handy additional features and options, such as filters.

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