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iOS App Signer
free rating
This is an app for OS X that can (re)sign apps and bundle them into...
X that can (re)sign apps...an iOS device. This app requires Xcode
Selfie App
OpenBrand Grzegorz Aksamit
Selfie App is an automatic selfie app for Mac OS X. The app uses facetime (iSight...
App is an automatic selfie app for Mac OS X. The app
App Removal
free rating
App Removal is a system utility that helps you uninstall Mac applications completely and correctly...
only scan for existing apps and detect...similar tools - namely, with App Removal you can search
App Switch
free rating
App Switch is a small utility app that is ment for mutiple display users. When utilising the Command (⌘)+Tab function...
a small utility app...application is open in. App Switch
Make My App
IT Top
Make My App helps you create a scheme of your own app using different tools...
a scheme of your own app using different tools
TopHat App Menu
piDog Software
TopHat App Menu is a simple program that provides you with a quick and easy way to launch...
be displayed within the app's main menu...you can configure the app to automatically launch
App Store Expenses
free rating
Clemens Schulz
App Store Expenses gathers all iPhone applications from your iTunes folder on your computer, reads out the price...
price column. Important: App Store Expenses isn't...information from your apps
App Magic
Vlad Alexa
App Magic records your application usage data and makes it accessible for you...
App Magic records...launched or quit. App Magic...this data either per app
App Flix
It's About Time Products, LLC
App Flix lets you enjoy an elegant and simple Netflix app experience. Once App Flix is open...
and simple Netflix app experience. Once App Flix is open...between the menu bar app
App Snap
Offblast Softworks
App Snap is the perfect companion to all developers who have gotten sick of grabbing...
and adjusting their screenshots. App Snap will take...for the App Store. Even better, App Snap
App Box for Dropbox
It's About Time Products, LLC
App Box for Dropbox provides you with a premium Dropbox experience on your Mac. The app launches in the menu...
your Mac. The app launches...the menu bar app and click...to open App for Dropbox
Auto App Localization
free rating
John Li
Auto App Localization is designed to help you localize Android, iOS, and Mac App string files...
Auto App Localization is designed...Android, iOS, and Mac App string files
Make My App - Mockup Designer
free rating
Any Case Solutions
Make My App: Mockup Designer is a perfect way to visualize your ideas for your own applications. You have the ability...
Make My App: Mockup Designer...with a different tool for app development
Battle.net App
free rating
Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
Battle.net app is designed to improve your launcher experience. It'll also streamline...
games directly through the app and, if you choose...to leave the app running on your desktop
RAW App Remover
free rating
R.A. Waddilove
RAW App Remover offers a simple solution to uninstall programs completely. Most of the times...
RAW App...programs onto RAW App...sum up, RAW App Remover helps
App Flix Pro
It's About Time Products, LLC
App Flix Pro is a Netflix client that plays movies and TV shows in the application...
App Flix Pro...the application. Once App Flix Pro is open...between the menu bar app
free rating
Eyemaginations, Inc.
ECHO App gives clients access to their Eyemaginations ECHO content on a Mac. Play content...
media. The ECHO App...only. Use of the app requires a current subscription
Make My App 2
free rating
IT Top
Make My App 2 is a universal tool for designing your own UI/UX applications...
Make My App 2
App Icon Set Creator
free rating
App Icon Set Creator makes it easy to generate app icons. You simply drag...
your platform, and the app will resize your icons...to your Xcode project. App Icon Set Creator icons
App Screenshot Creator
free rating
Ercan Gercek
App Screenshot Creator lets you create AppStore ready images for your iOS app in minutes. Using pre...
images for your iOS app in minutes. Using pre...need to upload your app's screenshots