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Free RAW App Remover offers a simple solution to uninstall programs completely.
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RAW App Remover offers a simple solution for getting rid of programs completely. Most of the times, simply sending an application to the Trash folder will not remove all of its traces. That is why it is recommended to make use of a specialized tool that has the capacity to identify and remove the files that are usually left behind when uninstalling programs on a regular basis.

The tool comes with a very simple and intuitive interface. The main window is split into two sections. They mostly refer to the methods to add programs onto RAW App Remover in order to scan your system for possible leftovers. Therefore, you can either drop a specific program onto the tool's bin or switch to the second tab in order to pick an application from a list. No matter what selection mode you choose, the next steps are similar. The tool will perform a computer scan, looking for related files that have the same as or a similar name to the program you want to delete. In addition, you can add a custom search string to be taken into account when scanning your computer. The results will be displayed in a list panel, which you are supposed to inspect in order to decide whether to delete the identified items or keep the files that don't belong to your specific application.

There is also an expert mode, which, when selected, will return even more results – still, the chances to identify files unrelated to your program are significantly high. Therefore, you will need to be more careful when deleting items in order not to compromise your system's functionality by accidentally removing crucial information. Yet, if this happens, you can recover them from Trash, unless you didn't empty the folder.

To sum up, RAW App Remover helps you identify and delete the traces of the programs you uninstalled. Finding and removing leftovers will keep your Mac clean and reliable for a much longer time.

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  • Sans computer for leftovers
  • Offers to remove leftovers
  • Finds files associated to uninstalled programs
  • Can add custom search strings
  • Keeps logs of deleted files


  • May delete crucial files by accident



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