What is the difference between Mac and PC?

As you probably know, when it comes to computers, there are two major players on the market: PCs with their Microsoft-created operating system, Windows, and Apple with its Macs and the MacOS. If you've never owned a computer or if you only owned one of the two brands, then you're probably wondering what's the difference between Mac and PC and which one is really better? Here, you will get at least part of the answers to these questions:

What's good about PC's

  1. Pricing - PCs aren't only cheaper in general, but you also have a lot of option when it comes to hardware as there are numerous manufacturing companies. Furthermore, you can go for the DIY option and make your own PC from the parts that you want/fit your budget.
  2. Gaming - there are significantly more games for PC than there are for Mac and that' not going to change anytime soon. Furthermore, PCs work a lot better with Xbox and PlayStation consoles than Macs do.
  3. Fixing and upgrading - due to its design architecture, fixing a PC is a lot easier than repairing a Mac and the same goes for upgrading individual components. Furthermore, if you're in a country where Macs aren't that common, you will have a very hard time fixing a Mac even if you take it to an Apple Store as they won't have the parts needed to test what's wrong with your Mac.
  4. Better accessories - there are a bunch more manufacturers creating accessories and peripherals for Windows PCs than there are for Macs, which means that you have a much larger array of merchandise to choose from.
  5. Better backward compatibility - Microsoft is spending a lot of time trying to ensure backward compatibility so that you don't have to change the programs that you're using each time you get a new Windows version. On the MacOS ecosystem, things are not the same as Apple prefers to innovate then wait for the market to adapt to its new creations.

Mac vs PCMac vs PC

What's good about Macs

  1. Design - Apple excels at making beautiful things and Macs are no exception, both iMacs and MacBooks have a refined look, and unlike a desktop PC, which takes up a lot of room, an iMac is very compact basically looking like a larger screen.
  2. Performance - as far as performance goes, Apple's products are awesome and they work a lot better than what you would get if you bought the same components individually and assembled them yourself. That's true both iMacs and MacBooks.
  3. Compatibility with other Apple devices-  since there's only one company manufacturing all of them, Macs work great with iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs. Microsoft's Continuum is trying to breach this gap, but Apple is still way ahead on this chapter.
  4. Battery time on MacBooks - due to their very well thought architecture, MacBooks are absolutely amazing when it comes to battery autonomy, being able to last as long as eight hours without a recharge. Regular laptops don't even come close to that even if they're in the same price range.
  5. Retina displays- not only do most iMacs come with their own screens so that you don't have to buy one separately, but most of Apple's devices feature Retina displays, which in my experience, are the best computer screens currently on the market. The difference is clearly visible right from the start.

When you go into details, the differences between Macs and PCs are basically endless, but these are the ones that stand out the most, especially to those who have never owned of the two types of devices. To further explore this avenue, you should check out the new iMac Pro 2017 that's going to become available in stores this December and get a better idea about exactly what Macs have to offer.