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Boost your productivity by organizing multiple types of tasks.
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2Do is intended to boost your productivity by allowing the organization of multiple types of tasks. The application is meant for the general user, so it is great that its interface does not require any special training. In this respect, it is good there is a welcome screen to assist you in taking your first steps.

2Do has a simple workflow. Logically, the first step is creating new tasks. Fortunately, tasks can contain any kind of information, including not only text but also multimedia contents, like audio recordings and pictures. Likewise, they may include rules based on information like start and due dates as well as location, actions, repetition and duration.

It is also great that you can put your tasks in different lists, such as Home and Work, even using a color code for that. This is also a painless process, as all you have to do is drag and drop the task to the desired list.

An important part of using 2Do is managing tasks. Good news is that the app comes with most of the things you need to do so. Besides, the tool lets you search for the desired tasks in many ways. For instance, tasks can be tagged so that they can be found easier. Then, you can use the right panel to filter tasks according to their tags and locations. What is more, 2Do supports creating smart lists automatically based on your own rules.

Probably the weakest point of 2Do is its sharing functions. In this regard, it does not seem to be able to integrate into Calendar and synchronize tasks. Moreover, it does not let you connect to other people’s lists.

All in all, 2Do is one of the best to-do list managers available for Mac. It can help you boost your productivity through a better organization of your tasks; for example, by sending alerts about a coming deadline. The price seems somewhat high but it may be worth it considering its positive impact on your incomes and time management.

Pedro Castro
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  • Various ways to organize tasks
  • Smart lists based on rules
  • Powerful search function
  • Sends alerts when a task is due


  • Does not integrate with Calendar
  • Does not allow sharing tasks
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