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Yahoo Widgets 4.5

Yahoo! Widgets 4.5 gives you more of the Widgets you love.
4.5 (See all)

More awesome Widgets * Yahoo! Widgets 4.5 allows Widget creators to build more awesomeness into their Widgets, including video right on your desktop * Richer, more interactive features can now be built into Widgets, such as games and movie clips Greater security for you * Get more detailed security information about Widget capabilities before you run any new Widget Easily discover more Widgets * The brand new Yahoo! Widget Gallery makes it even quicker and easier to find more of the Widgets you love Great new features for Widget authors * Now Yahoo! Widgets can be built using HTML and Flash * For the full-list of new features, check out our version history And, some things are the same as ever... * The most Widgets available anywhere online... over 4,000 and growing everyday * Works on both Mac and Windows

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