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Free This little AppleScript applet can be used to handle mailto URLs.
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This little AppleScript applet can be used to handle mailto URLs. So, when you click on an email address on a web page, it goes to the Yahoo web mail Send Message page, with the email address filled in. If there are other parts, they will also be filled in (subject, cc, bcc, body, and perhaps other)
You will need to open the Internet control panel and select this as your Email Application at the bottom of the Email tab.
I plan on extending it to work with other major webmail sites, as long as they support sending mail by adding text to a URL. Let me know if you'd like to work on it. Most useful utilities out there only help people who use stand-alone POP/SMTP clients, not us web-mail users.
Note to Netscape users:
Netscape ignores the email application you choose in the Internet control panel. To change Netscape's email handler, you have to run a short AppleScript:Open Script Editor (in Apple Extras:AppleScript).Paste in the following, and hit RUN:
tell application "Netscape Communicator?"
register protocol "HnEm" for protocol "mailto"
--HnEm is the creator code for Yahoo Mailto Handler end tellThat will set Netscape to use Yahoo Mailto Handler. You could use CSOm for Eudora, or MOSS to set it back to Netscape. I'll include a little applet to switch email clients for Netscape in the next revision that does this for you.
Unfortunately, Netscape doesn't seem to pass along the actual address you clicked on. I'll have to see if I can figure out how Netscape is sending this info, since iCab and Internet Explorer both send 'open location' events. I'm guessing that's just one more thing in Netscape that hasn't been updated since Mac OS 8.6 came out... :-(
What's new in this version:
This release attempts to flag the applet so that System Prefs will not lose it and choose a different applet. Submit any problems to the developer email address.


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