XMind 8.0

Create mind mapping projects with rich graphics and deep customization
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Creates mind mapping connections with beautiful themes, advanced font rendering based on a new Snowbrush engine. Includes more than 30 themes to choose from, markdown for text formatting syntax and 89 built-in stickers to decorate your connections. Exports the content to other services (eg. Evernote) and PDF files.

XMind is now free software. This means when you want to use a fishbone in a spreadsheet, or put your photos and media files into a mind map, or reuse your Freemind/MindManager files, you're free to use XMind. You can even add XMind/XMind Pro as plug-ins into your Eclipse-based enterprise environment.
XMind.net is the best place to share your ideas and thoughts with the world. Adding an embed viewer into your blog will make more people learned from you. If you want to share with yourself, or make a brainstorm with selected friends, just upgrade to XMind Pro for privately sharing.
Download XMind! Drill down your ideas! And begin to share with the world today!

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