XMind 2.1

Create mind mapping projects with rich graphics and deep customization.
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Creates mind mapping connections with beautiful themes, advanced font rendering based on a new Snowbrush engine. Includes more than 30 themes to choose from, markdown for text formatting syntax and 89 built-in stickers to decorate your connections. Exports the content to other services (eg. Evernote) and PDF files.

XMind is a mapping application, mostly used by corporations, for organizing tasks in an efficient manner and create brainstorming meetings.
After you complete the installation process and you get in contact with its interface, you'll realize that getting comfortable with the UI does require a consistent learning curve. You're not being offered lots of graphical customizations and theme selections completely miss. Also, the font style selection seems too minimalist.

When it comes to its features, XMind can suffice a wide range of user needs. Individuals are able to visually organize and prioritize item relationships by adding priority numbers, flags, smileys o stars. More, it offers the possibility to have different mind map structures, such as Tree-chart, Logic-chart, or Org-chart.
Furthermore, the app can be used to track dependencies between distinct events inside a project, thanks to Fishbone cause and effect diagrams.

To summarize, XMind is a smart and useful mapping utility, especially for big companies or corporations. Despite its price tag, the app is a must for users who want to be in control of their organization.

John Saunders
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  • Comes with different map structures
  • Tracks dependencies
  • Has a prioritization feature


  • Has deep learning curve
  • Seems pricey
  • Has a minimalist font style
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