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Create mind mapping projects with rich graphics and deep customization.
17 Apr 2020
Editorial review
6 Nov 2016
22 Oct 2015
21 Aug 2012
30 Apr 2010

What's new

v2.3 [3 May 2010]
1. Filter — Highlight specific topics by marker and label;
2. Note View — View and search all the notes quickly;
3. Map Shot — Capture beautiful maps easily;
4. New Outliner UI — Simple, clean, and clear;
5. Apply the current style of Relationship, Summary and Boundary to others on the map quickly;
6. Brand-new interface illustrations;
7. Updated the application icon to Big Sur style;
8. Added "Recently Used" themes in launch window;
9. Added mostly used labels when inserting label;
10. Added a link to Support Center in Feedback;
11. Added a link to view differences between Trial and Full Version on purchase page;
12. Added "News" in "Help" menu;
13. Added "Add link for both topics" option when inserting topic link;
14. Added a topic link for central topic of "New Sheet from Topic" automatically, which returns to the previous map;
15. Added a shortcut "Fold / Unfold Subtopics (Level 1~9)";
16. Added pressing Option before dragging a topic to copy it;
17. Added and optimized some tooltips;
18. Added shortcuts display in some tooltips;
19. Added "Share Diagnostic Data" option in Feedback;
20. Support right-click to save inserted elements such as images and equations;
21. Support pasting content in blank area of the map as floating topic;
22. Support search label and link;
23. Hold Shift when dragging a floating topic, so that it is not connected with other themes;
24. Support pressing ESC to cancel the drag when dragging the topic;
25. Optimized UI details in Big Sur;
26. Optimized the experience of using "Command + mouse wheel" to zoom in/out the map;
27. Optimized the experience of files export;
28. Optimized the display of exporting a branch to PDF;
29. Optimized the experience related to Boundary;
30. Optimized the experience related to shortcuts;
31. Optimized the display of Structure and Shape menu in format panel;
32. Optimized the content sequence of Share menu;
33. Optimized the display effect when the topic only contains an image;
34. Optimized the theme when creating a new sheet from sheet bar;
35. Optimized the content of the main menu;
36. Fixed the space issue of XMind when using split view;
37. Fixed the issue that some input keys did not respond after creating/opening a new map;
38. Fixed the issue that "Start Quick Entry when system login" cannot be turned off;
39. Fixed the issue of losing multi-selection status after dragging multiple topics;
40. Fixed the right-click menu pop up issue in special cases;
41. Fixed the issue that "Capitalize" may work inaccurately in some languages;
42. Fixed the issue of some equations errors;
43. Fixed the issue that an error occurred when switching to Outliner immediately after opening a large file;
44. Fixed the error when importing OPML in special cases;
45. Fixed some other known issues.

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