Midas PRO Series Offline Editor 1.12

Create, edit and view show files for a PRO3, 6 or 9.
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The Midas Offline Editor allows you to create, edit and view show files for a PRO3, 6 or 9 on any Intel-based Apple Macintosh computer running OSX 10.5 or OSX 10.6. You can now prepare shows ahead of time, learn the console operation, migrate your PRO3, 6 or 9 show to an XL8 or vice-versa – all from the comfort of your room without access to a console. The Offline Editor allows full control of all parameters – including creation of show files, management of pre-set libraries, system setup and patching and so on: anything you can do on the console you can do on the Offline Editor, without learning any new operational methods. You can run either the XL8 version or the PRO3, PRO6 or PRO9 version to create your show – as on the physical consoles, both will open the same show files, but you are limited to the available resources on that console. The Offline Editor is sized for a PRO9 console – that is, it shows 80 inputs; to use this version for smaller PRO6 and PRO3 consoles simply use the appropriate number of channels for your console.

The Midas Offline Editor runs in exactly the same manner as the console software with the addition of one extra screen on the PRO3, 6 and 9 OE, which is an overview screen designed to ease navigation (the XL8 version does not contain the overview). You load and save your show to and from a USB key and import onto your control centre in the normal way.

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