This app contains 4-Hours of XHTML Tutorial Videos from macProVideo.com.
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This app contains 4-Hours of XHTML Tutorial Videos from macProVideo.com.
Do you want your web creations to work in all platforms from desktop to handheld? Then take a step toward the future and learn to program in XHTML with web design guru, Geoff Blake!
So what is XHTML and why do you need to learn it?
In the light speed world of web development, XHTML is a path to the future. XHTML is a stricter version of HTML which insures that your coding will work in all types of browsers, from robust desktop versions to condensed, mobile versions that may not have the resources to interpret “bad” markup language.
In this tutorial, our web design expert, Geoff Blake, leads you on an XHTML journey showing why XHTML has replaced HTML for most forward looking web applications. He begins with the fundamentals including block and inline elements, CSS, and background code. He then quickly accelerates into controlling and formatting text, building bulleted, numbered and nested lists. From there he’s off into creating graphics and hyperlinks.
So join Geoff, with his casual, fun and informative style and begin to master the language that is connecting the web’s past to its future, with XHTML Basics.
Table of Contents:
1. Hello And Welcome
2. So What The Heck Is (X)HTML?
3. Understanding HTML Fundamentals
4. The Three Basic Components Of HTML
5. The Two Types Of Elements: Block & Inline
6. Understanding What CSS Is About
7. The Three Web Design Challenges, Part One
8. The Three Web Design Challenges, Part Two
9. Viewing A Page’s Background Code
10. Choosing Your Coding Application (And Setting Up Te...
11. Setting Up Basic Page Structure
12. Setting The Doctype & XMLNS Info
13. Saving Your Page & Previewing It In A Browser
14. Inserting A Page Title
15. Understanding Whitespace & Creating Paragraphs
16. Creating Line Breaks
17. Inserting Non-Breaking Spaces
18. Handy To Know: Inserting Special Characters
19. Easy Formatting With Bold & Italics
20. Using Blockquote & Code Elements
21. From The Old World: Formatting Text
22. Creating Structural Headings
23. HTML Comments
24. Inserting Horizontal Rules
25. Introducing Div’s
26. Creating Ordered Lists
27. Inserting An Unordered Lists
28. Here’s How To Create A Nested List
29. Task #1: Hand Code This List!
30. Understanding Graphic Formats On The Web
31. Inserting Graphics, All By Hand
32. Applying Attributes To The Element
33. Understanding Relative Paths
34. Understanding Absolute Paths
35. Ready For Some Photoshop? Techniques For Resizing G...
36. Setting A Page Background
37. Creating A Basic Hyperlink
38. Linking From A Graphic
39. Opening Links In A New Browser Window
40. Absolute & Relative Links, And Linking To An Intern...
41. Linking To An Email Address
42. Linking To Anchors
43. Wrap-Up

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