Xfile Test Drive

Xfile Test Drive 2.1

ACP file management utilities including the acclaimed file manager Xfile.
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Xfile is the only file manager for OS X capable of seamlessly handling all file systems and the only file manager for OS X capable of detailing and allowing access to all file system information. But Xfile is more than mere file management: it's also protection for your Mac. Purchase includes one year of system upgrades occurring approximately twice per month. ACP upgrades available. Xfile has power and speed you simply can't comprehend. Primed for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.
What's new in this version:
Updated for 10.8 Mountain Lion. Faster than ever. Drops on Xfile client area enhanced to always highlight the item dropped in the right pane. Code tweaked for ACL detection. 'Tracker Playback'. ACP APIs rewritten, 'goto' commands now have alternative destinations, symbolic links now sort according to their dereferenced file types, alternate display colour used when more than POSIX permissions affects file access. Streamlined sorting algorithms. There's nothing to install or uninstall with the Xf...

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