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Free tool to help manage permissions for files on your computer.
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If you are looking for a quick way to manage file permissions on your computer, then PropEdit is just the tool for you; the application provides a lightweight and intuitive solution designed to help users easily specify ownership, permissions, associated file flags. And what's more, is free to use.

PropEdit's interface is comprehensively divided among file details, navigation and permissions panels. This allows users to quickly browse through the contents of their disk and locate the file they want to work with and change its settings.

For a selected file, you may view details regarding its creation and modification date as well as size; select owner and group user privileges and associate read, write, execute permissions for owner, group and world. Alternatively simply specify in octal format. Set file flags to archived, hidden, no dump, opaque, system append-only, system immutable, user append only, and user immutable.

This is all free and in its registered version PropEdit will unlock support for Mac OS X ACLs (Access Control Lists).

Briefly, PropEdit is fast, simple to use but should be used with care.

Rory Shaffer
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