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Xee is a lightweight, open-source image viewer for the Mac.
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Xee is a lightweight open-source image viewer for the Mac. It is designed to let you browse and manage your images more efficiently than Preview or other image editors. It uses OpenGL to display and scroll images, which should be faster than the Preview app.

The graphical user interface is very clean and responsive. It displays important information about the image that is currently open in a bar at the bottom of the screen. At the top, there is a toolbar with quite a few useful buttons. Some of those let you browse between the images on a same directory. You can go to the next image, the last, or the first, using these buttons. There are also zoom controls and image rotation controls.

Xee has a hotkey for almost every action that you can make. You can press Cmd plus the left and arrow keys to browse between images. Or zoom in and out with Cmd plus the + and - keys.

One thing that I like about Xee is that it lets me open an image in an image editor straight from the application. You can even set your default one so that every picture will be opened with that editor.

In my testing, I found Xee to be fast and reliable. It opened all the image formats that I tried without problems. I can't really say whether this is faster than Preview or other image editors for certain, but it really seemed fast.

José Fernández
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