World Book Atlas 3.1

Provides a model of the globe with satellite imagery. The app is included in World Book 2004 folder, 2006 World Book suites
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View a detailed model of the Earth by opening the suite generating an up-to-date globe model based on uploaded satellite images. The program features options for quick calculation of distances between multiple selected locations. A flat map view of a region is available.

*** Fully compatible with OS X Lion! ***
World Book's translucent 3D globe utilizes satellite photography to give you an astronaut's-eye view of Earth and let you quickly find the distance between any two cities. Just enter your starting and ending points — the Distance Calculator plots them on both a three-dimensional globe and a flat map and displays the distance. The Distance Calculator can also determine how far it is between a set location and the location indicated by your pointer, or between any two locations you click on the map.

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