WoogiCreate 3.1

Free Fight against pirates, create your own vehicles, and beat other cities.
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Woogi Create lets you play together with your friends and fight against pirates, create your own vehicles like skateboards, go-karts and even the top-end AWD pickup-truck in your own factory. You must dig up ore outside the city and find iron, copper, titanium and gold.

To defeat the roaming pirates, you need to grow your own fruit and vegetables in the farm. You can upgrade all buildings in the game together with your fellow citizens in your city. Then, you must try to beat other cities by scoring the most points.

When everything has calmed down, you can build structures outside your city, towers, tunnels, trenches, castles, stairs, anything is possible in the block-world that stretches out for miles. You can travel fast between cities with hot-air balloons, use your bike, go-kart or AWD pickup-truck or just take a long walk to explore the open world.

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