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Switch between windows or programs with customized options.
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Witch is intended to help you navigate through open windows or programs in Mac. In this regard, it is an attempt to overcome the limitations of the built-in MacOS app switcher. The interaction with the program is mostly done through System Preferences or when you use hotkeys to switch between windows. Although working with the settings can be a little troublesome, it is not something you have to do every day. The rest is just remembering the hotkey combinations you set for each action. Fortunately, the program comes with a splash movie that shows you what it can do.

Witch’s preferences are organized into three tabs: Actions, Appearance and Advanced. Probably the most important decision you can make is to add actions. Luckily, unlike other similar programs, you can set as many actions as you need. Examples of supported actions are Cycle Apps, Cycle Windows and Cycle Minimized Windows; but there are many more. There are also specific settings, which depend on the type of action selected. For instance, you can cycle apps sort by activity type using a horizontal orientation. Besides, you can assign specific key combinations for cycling forwards and backwards and tell Witch to show the action in the menu bar.

The Appearance tab lets you decide on the colors, use of shadows, types of fonts and window sizes. The Advanced tab, in turn, is where you can decide if you want the list to appear on the main display, the display that currently holds the mouse pointer or the display on which the frontmost window is shown. Likewise, you can tell the program to skip the currently active item when sorting by activity.

It is excellent that the switcher can be set in various orientations: horizontally or vertically. Moreover, I love there is the possibility to search for a specific program or window. Likewise, it lets you exclude certain windows and programs from the switcher or disable hotkeys for them. Finally, it allows you to switch to accessory apps, which you cannot do with the built-in function.

All in all, Witch provides a convenient way to switch from one window to another in MacOS. Therefore, it is an excellent substitute for the built-in switcher. Perhaps, it is a product you would like to try and see if it works for you.

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  • Highly customizable
  • Allows setting many actions
  • More convenient than the built-in switcher
  • Illustrative splash movie


  • Initial setting may be troublesome


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