Wikit 1.1

A Wikipedia browser that can automatically look up the track playing in iTunes.
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Wikit is Wikipedia browser that can be used to automatically look up the artist, album, or track that is currently playing in iTunes. While it can be used as a general-purpose Wikipedia browser, it is primarily intended for the purpose of looking up information about the song playing when one happens to be curious - to that extent it has a menu bar icon, as well as a dock icon (both of which can be switched off in the Preferences menu).

Some may like to generally browse Wikipedia using Wikit because of the way it presents information. As on a mobile device, profile information about the article, usually provided on the right-hand side of a browser window, is presented front-and-center in Wikit, and article sections are all collapsed by default, expandable with a single click. Links within Wikipedia and even links to external websites can be opened in the same window, but if you're browsing you may want to make sure that iTunes Sync is toggled off - otherwise the Wikipedia page for the next song to play will open automatically. Even if you leave it on, there are back and forward buttons that enable simple linear browsing.

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  • Automatic refresh when a new song begins playing
  • Mobile display of Wikipedia pages
  • iTunes sync can be turned off for general viewing


  • Not to be used as your replacement browser!
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