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Offline version also available. Search for Wiki Offline. Wikibot makes reading Wikipedia articles a joy on your Mac!
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Wikibot is a Wikipedia client for the Mac. It allows you to view articles on your favorite open encyclopedia just like you would do with your web browser, but with some interesting added features. There is a version of Wikibot available for iOS as well, and it is a great companion to the desktop version.

Wikibot has a great design, which makes it easy to browse Wikipedia and read articles. It features tabbed-browsing, which basically means that you can open hypertext links in a separate tab, just like you do in your web browser. Another nice feature is the ability to bookmark your favorite articles so that you can continue reading them later. A similar feature, although only available in the paid version, is a read-later queue.

For users who don't speak English, there is a language switcher. The lite version supports English, Deutsch, Russian, French and Japanese. When you change the language, the articles will appear in that language, not the user interface.

In short, Wikibot is a great Wikipedia desktop client. It boasts some nice features like the Read-later queue and a variety of other languages, among other things.

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