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Check the quality of your Internet connection by repeating speed tests.
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WiFi Speed Test is a simple application that lets you check the quality of your Internet connection. Enabling multiple tests at specific time intervals allows you to have a clear picture of your Internet stability. Therefore, if you notice that your connection is significantly slower, you may learn how to address network issues.

Once opened, the program searches automatically for the nearest server location. Unfortunately, you don't have the ability to select a server location of your choice. After the server is identified, you just need to press the Start button and wait for the app to display information related to ping delay, download speed, and upload speed. These data are preserved in a history report that you can check at any moment. The report supports being exported to CSV so you can analyze the information and trace the conclusions. You can clear the report, yet you can't delete the records individually. The tool can perform auto repeated tests at time intervals you can set from Preferences. In addition, it can run tests automatically when BSSID or RSSI changes.

In short, WiFi Speed Test offers a simple solution to check whether you benefit from the Internet speed your Internet service provider says it delivers. If there are discrepancies, you can further investigate what causes the problem. However, the tool seems to consume a significant amount of system resources. Therefore, it is advisable not to run other apps while performing speed tests so you won't have to deal with unwanted blockages.

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  • Perform auto repeated speed tests
  • Run tests automatically when BSSID or RSSI changes
  • Export history report to CSV


  • Can't select a server location of your choice
  • System resource consumer



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