WiFi Explorer Pro

WiFi Explorer Pro 2.3

Detects and gives information about wireless networks.

WiFi Explorer Pro is intended to detect and give information about wireless networks. Fortunately, it can cover a wide spectrum of bands, such as 802.11 ac, a, b, g and n/5 GHz as well as 802.11ac, a, b, g and n/2.4GHz. It can also work with other channel widths (20, 40, 80 and 160 MHz). Moreover, it supports passive and active scan modes.

The tool has an easy-to-use interface, which displays in table-mode such details as network name, MAC address, vendor, signal strength, channel, channel width and band. If you click on the name of one the networks shown, the app shows more details about it, which includes a signal strength graph. There is also a toolbar, which lets you set filters to show the desired types of networks. Regrettably, some buttons are too small, so you have to depend on the contextual tip to know what they do.

The information provided can be used to detect several types of configuration issues, which can be then solved without much effort. Sometimes, the cause of the problem resides in a defective configuration of your WLAN, including faulty security, encryption, channel or mode settings. A very practical use is to test your access points in different locations and see which one produces the best signal coverage.

Fortunately, there is a user guide to teach you how to use the app. However, it is obvious that a tool like this one requires knowledge that goes beyond knowing how to navigate through its interface. In this respect, it is crucial to know how to interpret the information it provides and use it to solve the problems detected.

All in all, WiFi Explorer Pro is, in the hands of knowledgeable users, a great solution for solving various problems related with WiFi networks. Besides the Pro version being reviewed here, Lite and Standard versions of the product are also available, but with fewer features. As you will notice, the price tag of the Pro version is much heavier than the that of the others; so you will have to consider its additional advantages, for instance, the possibility to use external adapters and find hidden networks.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports a wide spectrum of bands
  • Works in two modes
  • Allows filtering results
  • Detects hidden networks
  • Remote sensor support


  • Some buttons are too small and not very explicit
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