VisualRoute 14.0

A complex application that displays the path of a web address to your Mac.
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VisualRoute is a powerful suite of tools that is used by network professionals for troubleshooting network connections. All you need to do is to insert a specific web address and the application will display the base location of that address and the latency delay that exists on the network. After you insert a web address, click on the "Trace" button. The route from the server to your MAC will be automatically displayed in the “Results” section. The path is shown on the world map and you are able to choose different map styles, such as: physical world, blue political world and political world. The program also provides all the IP Addresses of the hosts that are on the path of the web site connection. VisualRoute shows you the speed or latency of the connection trough each router on the path to your computer.

When you trace a route of a web address you are able to trace it from the base location to another computer, not just your own.

Briefly, VisualRoute is a powerful and reliable piece of software that comes in your help when you are trying to trace the path of a web address.

Abbie Crang
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  • It shows you all the IP addresses of a web address path to your Mac


  • Requires networking knowledge
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