WhatsYourSign 1.6

Check easily whether a file has a valid cryptographic signature.

WhatsYourSign is a tool that is able to check whether a certain file has a valid cryptographic signature. In order to start using the program's capabilities, users have to go through an easy and intuitive installation process.

The application doesn't have a standard GUI, but it can be accessed by right-clicking on a file and selecting the "Signing info" option. Once selected, the program will perform its specific analysis and deliver the results to the end user. The so-called GUI doesn't have any kind of customization or configuration settings. It misses themes, but at least the memory usage is low.

WhatsYourSign provides information about the file's signature, along with other useful info like file's name, its complete path, type and developer. By checking the developer's ID and name, users can determine more easily if the app can be trusted. If a file is validly signed, the app will display a green lock icon. If it's unsigned, it will show a red unlock icon.

In conclusion, WhatsYourSign is a simple but useful tool for users who want to know if a file has a valid cryptographic signature. It's not very common to check these details, but for those who are interested, there's a free software solution called WhatsYourSign.

John Saunders
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  • Has a low memory usage
  • Comes with no price tag
  • Provides info about developer


  • Has a minimal GUI
  • Lacks configuration settings
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