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Weird Worlds is a grand space opera that will take you outer space.
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Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space is a grand space opera that will take you from a down and out starship captain to an amazing intergalactic hero whose renown travels light speed ahead of you! Set in a randomly generated universe of endless possibilities, this single-player experience will let you explore new worlds, meet exotic aliens, discover black holes, witness the deaths of stars, encounter drifting space hulks that promise untold riches or untimely death, and much, much more! And Although quick to play, Weird Worlds boasts a deep, feature-rich system that ensures each session is as fresh as the first play. Players start off with their choice of one of three ships to explore the universe with, each ship completely customizable through the acquisition of new components, either via trade or encounters. The majority of the game takes place turn-based style on the gorgeously rendered star map (always newly generated each game), and uses a simple one-click system that even your grandmother can quickly master. When your starship encounters hostile aliens the action moves to real-time, and while players have dozens of weapons and tactics at their disposal, the combat system manages to provide this great depth while still maintaining the highly intuitive system of play found elsewhere in the game.all this happens in under thirty minutes or less! And though it would practically take a lifetime sailing amongst the stars to experience everything that Weird Worlds has to offer, the game never has to stop, thanks to the moddability ease. Gamers will find that with a little artistry and virtual elbow-grease they can take Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space into an amazing array of new directions, and truly go where no man has gone before!

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