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Free Shoot the video with one device and render the image on another device.
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webcam+ is a 2-in-1 application of webcam and webcam viewer that supports multiple platforms, including Mac OS. You need two devices (mobile devices or computers) to use it. One of them uses its own Apple HD camera to shoot the video and transmit it to the other. The secondary device can receive and display the video.

The tool has the ability of real-time transmission of HD video, up to 4K. As long as you install and run webcam+, all other devices running this software app on the LAN will appear on the screen. The program is designed to control the remote device in the way of using the system's own camera. With the touch screen, you can set the focus, turn on/off the flash lighting, switch the front and back cameras, etc.

The tool has its own visual sensor. Through using of advanced motion sensing algorithm, it can "see" moving objects and inform the client immediately, just like a guardian. The client can play sound alarms.

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